Budget Savers

Who doesn’t LOVE a good deal?? Who doesn’t LOVE saving money?? A person would much rather spend money on exciting things instead of groceries or home maintenance items… I may not always be a thrifty shopper, but when there are opportunities for me to save money allowing me to make an extra payment or top of our savings account, I will most often always cease the opportunity to save.

Here are a few easy ways to put a few extra dollars back into your pocket:

1. Sit and go through those mail box fillers, aka flyers. Before making your weekly shopping trip up town, begin creating your list from what you find in the flyers. Whatever is not found in the flyer, then add it to your list. An stop to one more store may save you enough money to buy a coffee, enough to pay a utility or cell phone bill or better yet, buy yourself a fresh new outfit.

2. Ask your local stores if they offer a monthly discount day. For example: both Freson Bros. and Safeway offer a 10% and 15% discount on your total bill one day per month.

3. Do any of your local stores offer an opportunity to earn points towards free product or food? For example: our local drug store has a point system. You earn points as you spend. The more points you earn, the more cash you earn to spend in the store. This is one of my favorite ways to save up for stocking stuffers! Also, our Freson Bros. offers a budget saver program. The more money you spend, the more budget saver stamps you get. When you fill so many cards (10 stamps per card) you earn FREE product or discounts on product. 4 cards earns you free milk, 5 cards earns you free butter…. Who doesn’t get excited receiving FREE anything!!??!!

4. It’s amazing how quickly Interest payments add up! For every late payment, even by one day, those interest payments add up! This is the worst way to throw money away. You might as well throw it in the garbage.

5. Have you ever thought to call your credit card company to ask if they will offer you a better interest rate? Speaking from experience, it can make a difference. My credit card was at a whopping 19.99% interest rate. I phoned the provider, asked if there was any way they’d be able to provide me with a lower interest rate to keep me as a customer and BAM! It was lowered to just over 10%. I dare you to try it!

6. When you hear the phrase “time is money” it’s most often with the context of a loss. In this case, it can very well be a gain! Take time to research insurance rates for your home, vehicles, etc. It was not that long ago, I was paying an obscene amount of money for home insurance. I could have cried each year when my insurance renewal rate came in the mail. Lone behold, when you spend a few extra hours researching other rates, in the end, I was saving myself $200 a month – A MONTH!!!!! Now that’s what I call time well spent – time IS money!!!

7. There are so many products on the store shelves now a days that are loaded with chemicals and ingredients you can not pronounce. Now I’m not expert, but if it’s not something that we can ingest, why would we put it on our skin or clean our house with it?? There are so many natural, homemade recipes online that are super easy to make and affordable. Some ingredients may seem expensive at the start, but you end up making product that lasts you months! My most favorite site to reference is Wellness Mama. She’s amazing to say the least!!!

I know there are so many more ways to save. I would love to hear your tips and tricks to saving money! Comment below and I’ll be sure to check them all out.

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