Dare to Dream or Dare to JUST DO IT?

For so long I’ve been on idea overload. I have a thousand and one things I want to accomplish, pursue and learn about. If any of you know me on a personal level, you would know exactly what I’m talking about. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I’m an open book and love to share all of my ventures with everyone! It excites me! All of my pursued ventures become a part of who I am and fuels my passion towards my big picture. However, coming from someone who struggles with idea overload, it can be easy to feel disconnected, misaligned and a bit lost.

Do you have big dreams? Do you visualize your future in one big picture? Do you have a burning desire to live out a passion? Do you have such a big vision, you don’t know where to start? Do you have so many directions within your big vision, you feel overwhelmed and seem to be forcing it all to happen? Well sista, the struggle is REAL! It may not be this way for everyone, but it sure as heck is for me! I had felt paralyzed on the fence between dreaming and just doing it for WAY too long! After feeling disconnected and misaligned last year, I can now say that I am in a place of clarity, peace and confidence. Don’t get me wrong… I didn’t just wake up one day and BOOM! I had all my shit figured out. The transition takes time. I had to be ready to acknowledge where I was at and ready to make a change. It takes daily habit creation and the burning desire to continue to become a better version of yourself. I will forever continue keeping it simple and create small daily habits. I will continue to invest time and energy towards personal growth and turning my big picture into reality. I know the benefits are so much more than words can explain.

I’m excited to share with you 10 quick and easy tips that help me towards creating ease, clarity and passion shifting from daring to dream to daring to JUST DO IT!

1. Create Balance

In order to create your desired life, you must create balance between business, family, relationships and yourself. When you schedule your time, you create opportunity to be present in every moment and eliminate the feeling of stress and overwhelm.

2. Begin each day with Gratitude

“The real gift of gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become.”

3. Sit in Silence

There is no better way to gain mental calmness and clarity than sitting in complete silence. Silence from outside AND inside noise. Our minds are on overload every day. We must take care and take a break.

4. Begin to Journal

Putting thoughts and feelings on paper (or computer screen) is one of the most recommended therapeutic methods to relieve stress and anxiety, help solve problems, help work through feelings, or provide a creative outlet.

5. Schedule more Coffee Dates

Begin spending more time visiting and talking with more like-minded people. Share what fuels your fire, what excites you and what your desired goals are. You don’t all have to want the same things or work towards similar goals – support each other, cheer each other on, push each other when you feel like giving up…!!

6. Take Daily Action

When you are working towards a goal, you must set the intention by taking daily action. It can be as small as 5 minutes a day or an hour a day… Take daily action with one change at a time for 45 days to create it as a habit before moving on to the next. If you miss a day, that’s OK! Start up again the next day. That’s the beauty of life, each day is a new day – a fresh start.

“The secret to success is in your daily routine.”

7. Release your Fear

“Fear is nothing more than obstacles that stand in the way of our progress. In overcoming our fears, we can move forward stronger and wiser, within ourselves.”

8. Let Shit Go

Why consume yourself with things or people that you have no control over? Why not focus your energy on only the things that you can control – YOU! And always remember, you are not a product of your circumstance, you are a product of your decisions.

9. Get Moving

“Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.”

10. Forgive Yourself

“You, yourself, as much as anyone else, deserves your love and attention.”

The truth is, unless you forgive yourself and your situation, you cannot move forward.

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