Hanging on to negative feelings has a huge impact on our life.  Whether you feel anger, resentment, or holding a grudge from a situation or betrayal that had happened earlier today, last week or years ago, you are giving permission for the negativity to take control over you.  You are giving up your power and allowing those negative feelings to continue bringing on more negative thoughts and feelings.  They leave you depressed and anxious.  If you are unhappy with your job, stressed over your finances, feel unsupported at home, in an unhealthy relationship, unhappy with how your body looks, or whatever the case may be, I am here to tell you, your current circumstance is a direct result from your negative thoughts and actions.  If you wonder why you have not been able to succeed or achieve, take a look at the type of energy you are holding on to.

“Negative thoughts will hold you back, weigh you down and drain you from your energy.”

It is time for you to release negativity and embrace positivity.  For whatever reasons you have been hanging on to the anger, resentment or grudge, it is time to FORGIVE and forget.  Forgive yourself and forgive others.

Let’s talk about the value of forgiveness.  To forgive, you are giving yourself the opportunity and the gift to create new experiences, build new relationships and enjoy the present moment.  As you forgive and let go, those negative feelings no longer define you.  To forgive yourself and forgive others, you create this massive internal shift towards attracting all good things.  You begin shining a bright light from within your soul to your outer exterior for others to see.  You will begin to feel and notice positive change with your thoughts, through your actions and what is happening around you and to you.  To forgive, you will notice time slow down and you will no longer miss all the steps life has to offer.  You will begin to notice the small things that you once let pass by; the humming silence in the room, the steady pace of your breath, the flavors from the foods you eat, the feel of the breeze on your face, the warmth from a hug deep down into your soul, accept a compliment with no response other than a polite ‘thank you’…  You will feel grounded and at peace.  You are freeing your soul and filling your cup.

One of my most favorite quotes is by Bob Proctor; “What you think about, you bring about”.  This holds 100% truth – think negative, you will attract negative – think positive, you will attract positive.

Here are 3 simple ways to help you create a massive shift:

1.  Pray or Meditate

The time you take during prayer or meditation creates peace and allows you to become centered.  Be still.

I welcome you to use one of my most grounding prayers; “Thank you God for assisting me in letting go of old habits and thoughts that no longer serve me.  Letting go is my new healthy practice.  I forgive myself and forgive others who have brought me pain.  I pray for love and happiness within me and within all those around me.  I create and attract all good things.”

2.  Be Grateful

Gratitude begins on the inside, not on the outside.  Realize all that you have; your health, your mobility, fresh air to fill your lungs, food and fresh water to nourish your body, a clean bed to lay your head down each and every night, a home to keep you sheltered and warm, clothes to cover your body, and the love and awareness you have within yourself to create a happy, joyful life.  Gratitude improves a person’s attitude, relationships, health and reduces stress.

3.  Shift Your Thoughts.

Realize you have a choice and focus on the present moment.  You have the power within you to shift every negative thought into a positive thought.  At the beginning, it may be difficult to catch your every thought.  Become aware when you are having these thoughts and shift your energy.  Redirect your thoughts to a more loving and understanding direction, have perspective, forgive and forget.

Change your thoughts, create a shift, create healthy habits and embrace happiness and ease into your life.

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