Before going to bed each night, I go into my son’s room to give him one last kiss for the night. I tell him I love him and to have a good sleep. He is my mini me. I may not have it all together, I may not always have it right, but my little Superhero is the perfect reflection of what I have done right. He is a creative, imaginative, loving, goofy, fun, kind 7 year old little boy. The best time to remind myself of this and to reflect is when he is peacefully sleeping. As funny as this is, I know most mom’s feel the same! Nighttime is sometimes the only time – all depending on how your day went.

There are several reasons why I call him my Superhero, but my top reason is his natural ability to not care what people think. I hope and pray each day that he stays this way forever! If he wants to wear a costume, a bow tie, 3 different shades of red, shorts and winter boots… he does not care what it looks like to others. He likes it and that’s all that matters! He has one of the most creative imaginations I have ever seen! Since as far back as learning how to walk, he has had a passion for dressing and acting in character. I could publish a hundred plus page book just with pictures of him dressed up. Still to this day… from Woody in Toy Story, Puss in Puss in Boots, Superheros to the 7 year old boy Max on Fuller House, he continues to imagine and dress up. A few weeks ago, he was dressing up as this random Andrew character; talking, acting, and walking as a entirely different child. One evening he held his character for over an hour!

We create and raise these little people. They are chatty, busy and loud! They demand our attention all the time!! But children have this crazy way to remind us that life is short so have fun, laugh and dress in character. Sing and dance, laugh and cry, walk and run – have NO shame. Why as adults, we don’t the take the time to be present and allow the inner child to shine is beyond me. We worry about what others think, we allow fear to stand in our way, we over think and overwhelm ourselves with stresses that are out of our control, we protect our weaknesses and faults to maintain a strong shell – WHY? We, as women, spend loads of energy to maintain an image. And the most toxic of all, are those that make others feel bad (behind their back or to their face) to make themselves feel better than. I am here to tell you, that’s all it is – an image. We all experience, feel, fail and cry, we all laugh, love, hug and smile, and we all ache for acceptance for who we are, want friends to share our moments with (good or bad), and help raise each other no matter if it’s higher than our self. What we yearn for as adults, we had as children. Why did this change? Why has adulthood created pain and complication. We created this and now it’s time to undo. Become vulnerable, acknowledge your authentic self, and begin connecting with others who you feel a soulful connection with. Be goofy, giggle, run around, dance, sing, cry and most importantly, just BE YOU! Be proud! My message is and will always be – stand tall and own your shit!


“Adults are only kids grown up, anyway” – Walt Disney

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