To embrace vulnerability is to let go of the picture perfect image of what you think you should be and just BE. Let go of the perfect body image. Let go of the perfect mom imagine. Let go of the ‘have it all together’ image. Let go of the perfect image you think others want you to be. Check in with yourself. Who are you? And are you being true to you?

I am completely and utterly in love with today’s acceptance to vulnerability. As women, we have come a loooong way! Back when my grandparents were raising their families, there was no girl talk or girl time – there was work time. When my parents were younger raising us kids, talking about personal problems was never heard of. Personal problems were not spoken of outside of the home. I can only imagine how lonely life must have been at times and still is for those who remain very personal. In today’s world, in my world, within my own life, I’m proud of my life and embrace my openness to be vulnerable. This my friends means I own every part of my life and I’m not ashamed. I’m no perfect, I have days where I’m mad or sad, I struggle with anxiety, I have a very dynamic family web, my marriage is amazing but far from perfect, and my kids are my angels, they’re not angels. I would really like to understand the reason for creating and defining the word “perfect”. Who decided one day to create words that underlined judgement; pretty, ugly, thin, fat, prefect, damaged….? Why and how have these words been made so powerful and at times, hurtful? Why can’t we just BE. Be who we are and be proud.

Stand up and be vulnerable by living as your authentic self. Shine your light and own it! You are no better or worse than anyone else on this earth. It’s how you treat yourself and how tall you stand. If you’re battling self esteem issues, have crazy emotional ups & downs, know that you have an amazing life but at times you feel super depressed about everything, have that one person who gets into your head and drives you mental – guess what? We ALL do!

I promise, as soon as you embrace vulnerability, let shit go, and be yourself, you’ll begin noticing how your mood and thoughts will become more positive, you will begin to love yourself for who you are, and you’ll start attracting people who feel comfortable being themselves when around you. Becoming vulnerable provides room to open your heart up to so much more love and compassion.

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