Your Ultimate Gain

“Nothing worth having comes easy.” OMG YES! I can not repeat this to myself enough times in a day. When I contemplate working hard or sitting on my butt scrolling on my phone, most often I just want to sit on my butt! BUT…. I know that it will not get me anywhere closer to where I want to be. So working hard it is…

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” I don’t know about you, but I am TIRED of wishing and want to begin achieving more in life. Yes I set goals and achieve them, but there are also some that I’ve created into wishes. Coasting through enjoying R&R is nice, but there comes a day when you wake up and wish for more purpose, more achievement, more whatever. SO what is it that you want? Are you creating a plan or still wishing away?

Setting goals is easy. To create a plan and act on your plan, takes dedicated time and energy, even when you don’t want to. This doesn’t mean it has to consume you! It just means you have to make time for it. Whether it’s a half hour a day, an hour every couple days or ten hours a week, it must be realistic and achievable. What’s the acronym? Goals must be S.M.A.R.T. “specific, measurable, attainable (or action-oriented), realistic (or relevant) and time bound”.

I don’t know about you, but my “plan” must allow for flexibility and balance. As a mom who works full time, there are many things I would like to achieve and enjoy throughout my week. The one black hole to watch out for is how quickly flexibility can easily turn into procrastination. It is so easy to to tell myself “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I’ll do it later tonight”, “what’s one day?”, “I’m too busy”, “I’ll work on it this weekend”….. the list of excuses goes on. The ridiculous part about it is I know the cycle and how it makes me feel. I know and understand the feeling when I set my goal. I feel excited, motivated and focused. When life gets busy and procrastination kicks in, I feel as though I have lot’s of time and think letting one day slip away is no big deal. Then when days, weeks, and months go by, I experience the feeling of guilt, disappointment and frustration. So if I know how the cycle goes, why do I allow myself to experience this all over again? Why do we punish ourselves this way? I ultimately, subconsciously, set myself up to fail. It’s SO not worth it, so why allow it to happen?

I was listening to a podcast the other day. The hosts were a husband and wife sharing six steps they follow to make and achieve their goals. I most often multi task as I listen to a podcast and during this one, I was running on my treadmill. There was a point in time where I nearly stopped dead in my tracks. A pure enlightened AH HA moment rushed through me! When you set a goal and create a plan, it’s almost like the universe begins to test your priorities and how true you are to your goal. This is SO true!! It’s as though the minute you make a decision and commit, you are instantly faced with resistance. This resistance may be unexpected bills that come in the mail, your family wants to watch a movie, you ran out of time and it’s almost bedtime, you encounter judgement from others… resistance may be obvious, but it can appear quite subtly too. Just ask yourself how serious are you? If you’re serious, than these walls of resistance can become easy to overcome. Acknowledge them, commit to not letting them stop you and move on.

When I set a goal and create a plan, I begin to notice how much fun, relaxing and socializing time I may have to give up. I may have to limit my time spent watching T.V., chose not to attend an event, minimize or skip have too much to drink on a Friday night to avoid an entire Saturday feeling tired and hungover, skip a weekend getaway and save the money…. There are so many forms of resistance. The key is knowing when they are in your face. Take control!

Now here is the podcast kicker; “We’re so afraid that by having new goals and actually hitting them, it may take away some of the things that you may enjoy today… You don’t know unless you go there.” They explained how you may be focusing on what your loosing in the present moment as a means to justify your reason to not change your current circumstance rather than focusing on what you are going to gain. “If you focused on your ultimate win, your ultimate gain, you would dive right for it!” Another OMG YES!!! This is me! This is what I needed to hear in the moment I heard it. Focus on the feeling of when I ‘gain’ rather than what I’m missing out on now while taking action.

We live in a society where people want immediate results. If it takes more than a day or a week, they give up. Those who truly succeed at their goals, know it takes time, dedication and persistence. When you replace your time with something that may have once brought you simplicity and laziness, you have to create a vision of the feeling you will have once you’ve accomplished your goal. Think about how you will feel 6 months later giving up and choosing the easy route of familiarity and comfort versus how you would you feel if you stuck to your plan, created new habits, stepped out of your comfort zone and overcame all resistance.

If you made a goal to lose 10 lbs, what is your plan? Will you stop eating past 7PM? Will you cut out the cream and sugar in your coffee? Will you begin drinking more water? Will you begin working out? Will you begin eating more fruits and vegetables? Now think about how you will feel after 6 months sticking to your plan? And how will you feel 6 months later only thinking of your plan and never following through. If you set a goal to pay off your credit cards, what is your plan? Will you stop eating out and start making meals at home? Will you spend less money on things you want versus need? Will you shop for sale items? Now think about how you will feel after 6 months sticking to your plan? And how will you feel 6 months later only thinking of your plan and never following through. Are you willing to stop making excuses? Are you willing to try long enough to see progress and change? Are you willing to seek support from those who want to see you succeed?

Just GO FOR IT!!! No matter what, when setting and working towards a goal, you will have absolutely zero regret than if you were to give up. That feeling you get once you’ve accomplished your goal is irreplaceable and priceless.

I would love to learn about your goals and the plan you’ve set out for yourself? Have you recently achieved a goal? What feelings are rushing through you right now? I’d love to hear! Comment below!

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